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Round Pot & Carrying Tray Systems

Outfit your greenhouse or growing operation with quality round plant pots and carrying tray systems. We offer durable, easy-to-clean pots that will dress up any space and give your plants ample support to thrive.

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Round Plant Pot & Tray System Buying Guide

A pot’s design, size, and material greatly affect a plant’s growth and development. Summit Plastics offers round plastic plant containers in various sizes and colors to match any operation, greenhouse, or nursery.

Round Jānor Pots

The JānorPot® polypropylene round pot system is an automation-friendly and branding powerhouse. The first of its kind, these innovative round greenhouse pots are built with thermoformed, thin-walled systems that easily release roots for transplant.

It’s equipped with a smooth rolled lip with no sharp edges or projections, facilitating de-nesting and automation for larger-scale growers. A dual-drainage system ensures air/water exchange for optimal plant growth. The exterior layer can be fully customized with labeling, custom printing, and your color of choice.

Use bar codes to make inventory management a breeze, or print artwork and logos in up to 8 colors for better product recognition and increased sales. Tag slots on select sizes offer big box compatibility.

Round JānorPot Filling Trays

Summit Plastic Company’s JānorPot® filling trays perfectly match our line of round JānorPots® for a complete greenhouse plant potting system. Filling trays come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate your unique growing needs. They are automation ready for easy filling which helps reduce greenhouse labor costs. 

JānorPot filling trays are available in 9 cm to 19 cm pot sizes and 6 to 18-slot tray options to accommodate any unique grower’s needs.

Round Handlers

Summit produces handlers to fit our JānorPot® round greenhouse plant pots. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit your greenhouse handling needs. 

Our round handlers are made of high-quality materials that will not rust, crack, or break. They are easy to clean and maintain and are available in multi-slot options for better potting efficiency.

Locked In Garden™

Generate more multi-pot sales with Summit’s patented Locked-in-Gardens™. Clear, transparent plastic covers fit securely with our greenhouse containers. They can accommodate 2-3 pots and pair well with the 12cm – 19 cm JānorPot® round containers. Its unique locking system allows for seamless handling and tamper-resistant display in stores.

What do I need to look for when choosing a plant pot?


The pot size should be proportional to the size of the plant. A small plant in a large pot will look out of place, while a large plant in a small pot will become rootbound quickly.


The pot’s color can affect the plant’s temperature. Dark-colored pots absorb heat from the sun, while light-colored pots reflect heat. If you live in a warm climate, choose a light-colored pot to help keep your plants cool and vice versa for a cooler climate.


Pots should have good drainage to allow excess water to drain away from the plant’s roots. Otherwise, the plant may become waterlogged and susceptible to disease.


The pot’s shape can influence a plant’s growth. Plants in round pots grow evenly all around, while rectangular pots grow taller and narrower.


The type of material the pot is made from will affect how well the plant grows. Some materials, like clay, help regulate the soil’s temperature, while others, like plastic, retain moisture.

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