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MarketMates™ pick up sales. Looking for ways to streamline efficiency, generate multiple sales and create brand awareness? MarketMate™ packs are the answer.

MarketMate™ packs come in a variety of colors and configurations to fit Slim Wise™ (7 ¼” x 20”), Size Wise™ (10” x 20”) and West Coast (17” x 17”) growing footprints. MarketMate™ packs have generous cell dimensions for strong plant growth, automation ready to go through flat fillers, and offer a number of handle hole configurations to accommodate a variety of handle lengths and tamper-resistant locking points.

Frequently used in “branded programs”, these light weight, eco-friendly sheets have pop-up bottoms for easy dislodging.


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Breathe life into your plants with Summit Plastic’s wholesale round plant pots. Contact us today, or find a partner store to place your order.

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