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Branding & Custom Pots for Greenhouse Growers

Promote growth with Summit Plastic as your branding partner. We work with brands, breeders, retailers and growers to develop successful long-term programs that drive sales.

Let us support your marketing initiatives to:

Increase brand visibility & recognition
Draw attention in retail settings
Drive sales
Make inventory management easier
Save while you grow!

Custom Grower Pot Options

Product branding starts with your greenhouse containers. We can manufacture your customized grower pots to your exact specifications.

Colored Pots and Printing

Color sells! Use colored pots to represent your company colors or match pre-flowering plants so they come alive as they bloom on retail shelves. Summit has all the greenhouse and bedding plant container colors you can imagine to promote your plants, company or brand.

Our JānorPot® round pots and NuPotsquare pots are manufactured with two polypropylene layers. The interior layer maintains the grower-preferred black color to promote an ideal rooting environment at a better cost. The exterior layer can be customized with an eye-catching color to promote your brand or indicate price points or programs at retail or during production.

Standard and stocked colors include:

  • Black/black
  • Terra cotta/black
  • White/black

For custom grower pot colors, the sky’s the limit! Choose from our color reference chart or have us match your specific Pantone color to maximize visual impact (minimum order quantities apply).

Ask us how we can help develop your unique color program!

Summit 2023 Catalog pdf

Custom Printed Grower Pots

Printing is the easiest way to communicate, educate and increase interest. It is a powerful marketing tool you can use to stand out and get noticed—and we’re here to help.

We use a dry-offset method to print a single color on one or multiple spots, or to print up to eight colors that fully wrap around your container. Our JānorPot® round pots are the ideal container for custom printing.

If you need help with a design that will help sell, turn to our industry-leading print department. Our team will guide your project from pre-flight to production, resulting in a high-impact look that promotes your marketing initiatives. 

Let us bring your design ideas to life!

Plastic Grower Pots Labeling & Barcoding

All Summit Plastic containers can accept pressure-sensitive adhesive labels. From UPC/NIST codes to brilliant full-color logos, your options are limitless.

Our labels are UV-resistant and long-lasting, with colors and effects that truly make your packaging shine. Peel-away options can eliminate the need for tags or be used for coupon strategies.

Open up the world of high-class graphics with our 3D Systems® containers. They accept a full-face label, allowing for a large canvas for your creativity. You can even add cutting-edge label materials and effects to grab customers’ attention.


Have an idea for greenhouse containers that aren’t offered on the market? Need to tweak an existing product? We can help.

Our team of engineering and tooling experts has over 100 years of combined experience in mold-making for the horticulture industry. We can work with you to design your custom product—from drawings to renderings to prototypes and through to production.

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