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About Summit Plastic Company

Summit Plastic Company helps growers see more “green!” As a leading manufacturer of plastic containers for the greenhouse horticulture industry, we help our customers maximize efficiency while growing their retail appeal.

Summit Plastic Company helps our customers see more “green” by partnering with them to help them grow their business. We provide the highest quality custom-printed containers available for the greenhouse industry, offering unique marketing, branding and UPC opportunities to increase visibility, drive sales and help
your business flourish.

We’re Innovative:

We’re innovators in both product development and advancements in production methodologies, and are wholly committed to an ongoing investment in those areas to benefit our customers. Our JānorPot®, JānorPot® 3D System, ēco360® Easy Green™, and NetPots™ are a few of the greenhouse products we’ve researched, developed and introduced in response to customer and industry demands. Our new product introductions create industry trends that others try to copy.

Over the years, we’ve researched optimal production processes, built new manufacturing facilities, and then consolidated those facilities to give our customers the most efficient, cost effective and convenient buying experience possible. We continue to monitor and evaluate efficiencies in production processes and reinvest in the latest manufacturing machinery to ensure we maintain our leading industry position.

Solving Challenges for Greenhouse Growers

Many companies offer wholesale greenhouse supplies, but Summit Plastic goes beyond—creating solutions in partnership with plant growers.

We are wholly committed to ongoing investment in product development and production advancements to benefit our customers. JānorPot®, 3D System®, ēco-360 and NetPot are just a few product lines we’ve researched, developed and introduced in response to customer and industry demands. Our new products create industry trends that others try to imitate.

Our greatest joy and pride come from solving industry-wide problems and helping our greenhouse customers succeed.

Cultivating Partnerships for Growth

We value the experience and wisdom of our greenhouse customers. Some of our most successful greenhouse products started with customer questions about growing techniques or shipping and handling challenges.

We partner with customers to help them brand their products, improve their growing practices, and position themselves for profitability. This includes helping growers optimize their retail marketing goals through branding and packaging. We help our customers stand out from the competition with custom container colors and best-in-class printing and labeling.

Fostering Environmental Sustainability

Summit Plastic is dedicated to innovative and sustainable greenhouse container production.

Long before recycling was a mainstream business ideology, we were finding ways to implement practices, equipment and systems to accommodate post-consumer materials. Our Akron, Ohio facility led the industry with pioneering efforts for a sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing model.

We continue to explore advanced manufacturing processes and new raw materials sourcing. Our NetPots were the first completely plantable, biodegradable, natural rice hull fiber growing pots on the market. They are designed to withstand the rigors of automation and transport, yet can be planted in-place with nothing to recycle or toss.

Honoring Customer Dollars

When customers put their hard-earned “green” towards wholesale greenhouse supplies, they expect them to perform as promised.

We maintain the same high quality standards for all our containers, whether they are made with post-consumer or virgin materials. All products and processes undergo stringent quality control measures, ensuring we ship only the finest materials to our distributors and growers.

Serving the Greenhouse Horticulture Industry for 60+ Years

With roots in America’s heartland, Summit Plastic Company is one of the original producers of horticultural plastic containers in the U.S. The company was founded in 1954 and experienced steady growth over four decades.

In 1997, the management team of Norman Belliveau and Chuck Synder acquired the company. Their leadership cultivated an environment of innovation and market savvy focused on horticultural packaging. The specialty products developed in this era became market disruptors, radically impacting the industry.

In 1999, Summit Plastic engaged in a joint venture with Netherlands-based Desch-Plantpak, a leading European manufacturer of thermoformed plastic containers, trays and injection-molded containers. The brilliant result was the 2001 launch of JānorPot®, which has become an industry-standard brand for thin-walled, round polypropylene pots.

In 2006, NYC-based private equity firm Lincolnshire Management Inc. acquired Summit Plastic, retaining top management to run the company. In 2013, Summit Plastic merged with Nursery Supplies, Inc. (NSI), a longtime affiliate and nursery container supplier.

Summit Plastic and NSI together offer a more comprehensive line of products and services to our horticulture customers. Summit containers range from one pint to one gallon, while NSI containers range from one to 600 gallons. Both companies retain well-recognized names in the industry but are managed cross-functionally to ensure complete solutions for our customers.

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