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ēco360® Pots

Contribute to a healthier planet with ēco360® biodegradable plant pots from Summit Plastics. Made from natural fibers, our pots decompose quickly and efficiently, reducing environmental impact. Plus, they’re durable and stylish – perfect for any nursery or greenhouse.

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Biodegradable Plant Pot Buying Guide

Plastic pots have been the standard for nurseries and greenhouses for decades, but their environmental impact is becoming increasingly evident. Biodegradable pots offer a sustainable alternative that doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance.

Refer to our guide when choosing biodegradable pots for your greenhouse or nursery.

Solid, ēco360®Rice Pots

Rice Pot greenhouse containers, made from spent rice hull fibers, are the first completely plantable, biodegradable, rigid-sided pots in the marketplace. These round nursery pots are durable enough to withstand rough automation handling yet ideal for direct planting in place.

Round rice pot containers are compatible with our JānorPot® round filling trays and flats, manufactured from 100% recycled materials.

ēco360® greenhouse containers help us serve the environment while helping our customers provide specialty planting alternatives to their environmentally aware and responsible customers.

Slotted, Round, or Square NetPots™

NetPot™ greenhouse containers are made from spent rice hull fibers and are slotted on the side to encourage root growth. Like our solid Rice Pots, they are the first completely plantable, biodegradable pots in the marketplace. 

Available in round or square, these nursery pots are tough enough to be used with greenhouse automation machinery yet ideal for planting in place. Round NetPot™ containers are compatible with our JānorPot® round filling trays and flats. Square NetPot™ containers are compatible with our square systems and NuTrays trays. 

Both tray systems are manufactured from 100% recycled materials to stay true to our eco-friendly initiative. They help us serve the environment while assisting customers in providing specialty planting alternatives to their environmentally aware and responsible customers.

What are biodegradable greenhouse plant pots made of?

Biodegradable pots are manufactured from ethical and sustainable materials with minimal environmental impact. The most popular materials include:

Coconut Coir

A byproduct of the coconut industry, including bamboo, palm leaf, coco coir, wood fiber, and rice husk. Rice husk pots are one of the most popular choices because they’re durable and decompose quickly.

Compostable Plastics

These are made from plant-based materials like cornstarch and cellulose. They break down more slowly than other materials but are often more affordable.


Paper pots are recycled and can be composted with your plants. They’re a good choice for seedlings and small plants.

Rice Hulls

Rice hulls are shells of rice grains. They’re often used to make net pots and slotted pots. Rice hulls decompose quickly if you live in a warm, humid climate.


Wood pots are made from sustainable hardwoods like bamboo. They’re durable and can be used for a variety of plants.


Summit wholesale plastic pots are made from recycled natural rice hull fiber.

Besides being eco-friendly and sustainable, greenhouse biodegradable pots are often light, easy to transport, and inexpensive. They’re also a good choice if you plan to direct-sow your plants into the ground.

Biodegradable pots break down over time, so they’re not a good choice if you need to reuse them.

Please contact our team to discuss your design preferences and project needs.

The MOQ for wholesale orders depends on the size and style of pot you choose. Our team will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Yes, we offer volume discounts for large orders. Make sure to ask about our wholesale pricing when you place your order.

No, we do not have a physical store. We are a wholesale vendor only (located in Ohio) and provide our products through distribution throughout North America. You can find a list of our authorized distributors here. For guidance on choosing the right product for your needs, contact our customer service team.

Lead times are item and quantity dependent.  If you need your order by a specific date, please discuss with us, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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