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Summit Plastic Company History

Summit Plastic Company has been helping our customers see more “green” by maximizing
grower efficiencies while maintaining best retail appeal for over 60 years. As a leading
manufacturer of plastic and eco-friendly containers for greenhouse growers, we provide the
highest quality packaging available to the Horticulture Industry and offer unique marketing,
branding and UPC opportunities to increase visibility, drive sales and help our customers

With roots in America’s heartland, Summit Plastic Company in Akron, Ohio, was one of the
original producers of horticultural plastic containers in the USA. Beginning with our founding in
1954, the company experienced steady growth for more than forty years. In 1997 the Summit
management team of Norman Belliveau and Chuck Snyder acquired the company—and under
their leadership, cultivated an environment of innovation, unparalleled customer service and
savvy marketing which became solely focused on horticultural packaging. The specialty
products we developed became market disruptors, radically impacting the horticultural
packaging industry. In 1999, Summit engaged in a joint venture with Netherlands based
Desch-Plantpak, a leading European manufacturer of thermoformed plastic containers, trays
and injection-molded containers. The result was the 2001 launch of JānorPot®, a division of
Summit, which has become an industry standard brand for thin-walled, round polypropylene

In 2006, NYC based, private-equity firm Lincolnshire Management Inc. acquired Summit,
retaining top management to run the company. We continued to expanded our product line in
2006 with the introduction of ēco360® Easy Green™, a line of containers designed to lessen
the impact on our environment. With an eye on the future, we expanded production capacity at
both our Summit and JanorPot® facilities while business continued to blossom.

In 2013, Summit merged with Nursery Supplies, Inc., a long-time affiliate and nursery container
supplier to offer a more comprehensive, innovative assortment of complementary products and
services to our combined customers. Both Nursery Supply Inc., and Summit Plastic Company
retain our well-recognized names in the market but make our full lines of containers and
supplies available across both customer bases. Together, we continue to thrive.

In 2015, we released our forward-thinking JānorPot® 3D Systems line of containers that
guarantees seller’s labels are always forward-facing for optimal brand recognition. In the latter
part of 2017, our original Summit facility and our JānorPot® facility consolidated under one
production and office facility at the Akron OH location. The joint warehouse/shipping facility will
help the company reduce operational and product handling redundancies as well as optimize
customer service. The future is exciting!



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