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Locked In Garden™

With or without handles, Summit’s patented Locked-in-Gardens are sure to generate more multi-pot sales. 

Clear, transparent plastic covers fit securely on individual greenhouse containers creating a grouping of (or garden) plants ready for purchase. Covers group either two or three individual pots together and are designed to fit the JānorPot® 12cm and 19cm round containers. The unique, built-in locking design secures the pots for trouble free handling and tamper resistant retail display.

Dry Volume (cu. in.)
Liquid Volume
12cm LiG
16 3/16" X 6 7/16" X 1 1/2" H
Product Type: Locked In Garden™
Description: Carry tray
Items per Carton: 200
Cartons per Skid: 30
Full Skid of Cartons: 6000
19cm LiG
17 13/16" X 9 13-16" X 1 11/16" H
Product Type: Locked In Garden™
Description: Filling tray
Items per Carton: 100
Cartons per Skid: 18
Full Skid of Cartons: 1800