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Printing and Branding

Colored Pots and Printing.

Summit Plastic Company provides the highest quality colored and custom-printed containers available for the greenhouse industry, offering unique marketing, branding and UPC opportunities to increase visibility, drive sales and help your business flourish.

Color sells, and Summit has all the greenhouse and bedding plant container colors you can imagine to promote your plants, company or brand. Use colored pots to represent your company colors, or match pre-flowering plants so they come alive as they bloom on retail shelves.  

Our JānorPot® round pots and NuPot square pots are our most popular thermoformed, color containers. With a patented Duo technology, JānorPot® round pots and NuPot square pots are made of two layers of polypropylene material and heat-sealed for optimal strength and quality. The interior is always black to promote root growth, and is made from 100% reclaimed, post-consumer material. The exterior is colorfully bold, made from approximately 80% reclaimed, post-consumer material.

JānorPot® and NuPot containers are available in standard and stocked colors as well as custom exterior colors to identify a marketing program, a specific merchandising event or a price-point identifier. Standard and stocked colors are black on black, terra cotta on black, white on black, green on black, and gray on black.  For custom colors, the sky is the limit. Choose from our color reference chart or let us match your specific Pantone color to maximize visual impact (minimum order qty’s apply)

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Plastic Plant Pot Printing and Labeling.

Summit has pioneered container printing and labeling in the greenhouse industry. From simple pressure-sensitive labels to dry-offset printing and now full-face labeling capability with our 3D Systems® line, no one produces higher quality, customized greenhouse containers than Summit Plastic Company.

Our innovative printing capabilities enable our customers to print one single color on one or multiple spots, or up to an eight-color process printing, fully wrapping around the container. Our JānorPot® round pots are the ideal container for printing.

Printing offers the easiest way to communicate, educate and increase interest, while effectively establishing or maintaining the company brand. It is a powerful marketing tool that we use to help our customers stand out and be noticed. 

All of our containers can accept pressure sensitive adhesive labels. From UPC/NIST info to full color logos, the options are limitless—and to truly open up the world of high-class graphics, our 3D systems® containers can accept a full-face label, allowing a large canvas and opening up a world of cutting edge label materials and effects to grab consumers attention!


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