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Slotted, Round or Square NetPots, A Summit ēco-360 Container.

NetPot™ greenhouse containers are made from spent rice hull fibers and are slotted on the side to encourage root growth. Like our solid Rice Pots, they are the first completely plantable, biodegradable pots in the marketplace. 

Available in round or square, these nursery pots are tough enough to be used with greenhouse automation machinery yet ideal for planting in place. Round NetPot containers are compatible with our JānorPot® round filling trays and flats. Square NetPot containers are compatible with our Square systems and NuTrays™ trays. In keeping with our dedication to eco-friendly production, both tray systems are manufactured from 100% recycled materials. 

Our line of ēco-360 greenhouse containers help us serve the environment, while helping our customers provide specialty planting alternatives to their own environmentally aware and responsible customers. 

Dry Volume (cu. in.)
Liquid Volume
sq pint net
Square Pint NetPot
3 1/4" Sq x 3 1/4" H
  • Image
    sq pint net
Product Type: Net-Pot
Description: Pint
Liquid Volume: Pack Volume (US): 1.0pt
Liquid Volume: Pack Volume (metric): 473ml
Full Bulk Skid: 12,720
Dry Volume: Pack Volume (cu. in.): 29

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