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Innovative Specialty Greenhouse Containers and Services.

Innovation is a core company value at Summit Plastic Company, and it is reflected in the specialty products and services we deliver. Our JānorPot® 3D Systems® is a breakthrough development in greenhouse container manufacturing, offering the perfect 3D blend of optimized retail shelf space and maximized brand exposure. Our ēco360® line of NetPots™ and Rice Pots, made from spent rice hulls, are the first completely plantable, biodegradable pots available in the marketplace. 

Summit is well known for our revolutionary Duo™ production process, with an interior black layer of plastic combined with a color matchable exterior plastic layer. Our Duo™ process is an integral part of our highly successful JānorPot® line of greenhouse containers, allowing us to produce the highest quality pots in the widest color range in the industry. Our full color printing capabilities offer unique marketing and branding opportunities to increase visibility, drive sales and help your business flourish. 

Brand program administration is a Summit Plastic Company core competency. We are experts at understanding partner alliance guidelines and big box store specifications. We work with greenhouse growers, groups of garden centers, partner growers, tag companies and big box stores to administer their brand programs according to specific guidelines. 

We're proud of our innovative, customer and quality focused approach to our specialty greenhouse container product and service developments.  

3D Janor Pots and Trays

Direction. Dimension. Display. JānorPot® 3D Systems® Summit introduces another innovative and patented, branding breakthrough with JānorPot® 3D…
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Solid, Round Rice Pots, A Summit ēco-360 Container.  Rice Pot greenhouse containers, made from spent rice hull fibers, are the first completely…
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Injection Molded Products. Injection molded products are durable and rugged. Summit offers a limited number of injection molded trays and filling…

Locked In Garden™

With or without handles, Summit’s patented Locked-in-Gardens are sure to generate more multi-pot sales. 

Clear, transparent plastic covers fit securely on individual greenhouse containers creating a grouping of (or garden) plants ready for purchase. Covers group either two or three individual pots together and are designed to fit the JānorPot® 12cm and 19cm round containers. The unique, built-in locking design secures the pots for trouble free handling and tamper resistant retail display.

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