Colors - Standards & Optional

One of the choices available in the business operation now is the practical and creative aspects of using color containers.

Color containers can identify crops for rotation, timing, and cost accounting. In the market place, color can identify one grower from another, special promotion programs, or a specific crop offering. The list is ongoing. Certain color combinations evoke distinct emotions. Bright yellow flowers in a purple container are festive; deep purple containers with blue flowers and just a touch of pale yellow says richness, quality; green containers and white flowers expresses restfulness and light thoughts.

Color is an exciting addition to growers' palettes of choices with strong marketing applications.

Summit Plastic Company®

In color at Summit Plastic Company means every product we make is available in solid color as well as Summit's DUO® - dark interiors and colorful exteriors.

DUO, in-house co-extrusion, offers the benefits of identifiable, attention-getting color on the outside with the cost effective, environmentally friendly and plant-producing advantages of high-opacity black on the inside. Color is a proven sales motivator. Summit's DUO gives the best of everything: visibility, identifiablity, low cost, performance, selection, reasonable minimums, and Summit's service.

Janor Pot®

Every pot is DUO - two layers of polypropylene material. The interior layer is always black while the exterior layer can be one of the basic shades or customized (minimums apply) to identify a marketing program, a specific merchandising event or a price-point identifier.

Plants and business operations benefit from the colored, thin-wall exterior and the black interior. Warmth producing black creates an environment resulting in strong root development.

JanorPot standard and stocked colors are black on black, terra cotta on black, white on black, green on black, and gray on black. Utilized in a wide range of ways to dispense information, color is a bottom line issue - the color is green.