Traditional Lines

There is Good Plastic

You may already know that Summit’s Traditional Lines offer an effective and reliable solution for all types of potting needs. But what may surprise you is that they are also very environmentally responsible.

The thermoforming of horticulture containers from resins started in the early 1950’s. The considerations for going to plastic from wood had, back then, nothing to do with the environment. Though it was not known at the time, the move was a responsible, environmental option for containers. Still is.


  1. Horticulture thermoformed plastic packaging is, and has been, environmentally responsible.
  2. Black containers, made from 100 % post-industrial, post-consumer scrap are light-weight, allowing more containers on trucks with lower poundage, requiring less fuel.
  3. Source reduction, meaning less material used overall, is enhanced with thinner-walled products, one-piece systems and bulk packaging.
  4. Duo™ products, manufactured with the very thinnest layer of colored virgin, utilize standard scrap and internally re-cycled materials for the dark interior.
  5. An internal closed-loop manufacturing recovery system collects, shreds and retains scrap for reuse and reuse and reuse.

Summit’s black products are 100% industrial and post-consumer scrap and our Duo products, with one colored layer, are about 80% scrap. We call it Good Plastic.

While this level of dedication to environmental responsibility might not seem all that traditional for the industry at large, nothing could be more traditional for Summit. So please have a look at our Traditional Lines, all made entirely from Good Plastic.

Our Traditional Lines

Create complete, reliable systems with flush top fitting and open sides.
You can't tip over these sturdy, reusable containers during watering.
Abundant soil volumes and fluted sides provide excellent gradient rates for roots.
Encourage multiple sales with an easily grabbed and informative handle.
Internal channels for root directioning set Root Tutors apart from regular plug trays.
Our Lansdscapers and solidly built time and money savers, and Liners are the starting point for many crops.
Deeper inserts and flats means healthier plants and better holding power at retail.
With a special resin blend, X-Line inserts are more reliable and sturdier than ever.
Precision tear-aways and community watering are standard with Summit Slims.