ēco360® Easy Green™

Something you may not have known...

Back in the late 1980's, Summit Plastic began investigating recycling possibilities at a time when the term was not even main-stream.

An Akron-located building became “research central” for this industry-first project; further researched in southern Ohio. At that time there was little equipment and even fewer systems for dealing with the unusual characteristics of horticulture packaging.

Then, as now, Summit Plastic is committed to lessening the impact on our environment. However, we believe re-cycling alone is not the long-term answer to landfill diversion.

Our focus is on diverting horticulture containers from the land fill through recycling, composting, plantability and alternate material sources.

The long-term strategy is designed to explore natural resource options for seamless industry integration in horticulture packaging — that is the Summit Plastic goal.

Currently there is one option available – rice; all compostable, and plantable!



Although we cannot manufacture with 100% green items, be proud in the knowledge that when you grow in any of our options, you are using a green-thinking and progressive alternative to the traditional re-cycled product.

Click on the names of each product line to learn about Summit Plastic’s eco-friendly choices; we make it easy to be green – Easy Green!

ēco360® represents Summit’s commitment to a “Sustainable Future”.

Composed of natural, sustainable waste from rice hull fibers, this growing line of garden-friendly rice hull pots contains no heavy metals or oil-based materials.