My Basket of...™

Smart Packaging Sells

It's why we wrap presents with festive paper and bows; why we put rhinestones on jeans and sequins on tutus; why we drizzle chocolate on dessert plates and sprinkle chopped nuts on ice cream.

And it's why we created "My Basket of..." pots.

Our mission is to focus on the details that command attention so you don't have to. "My Basket of..." pots are all colorfully labeled with images of luscious produce, fruits or herbs on top of a basket-weave pattern that evokes the feel of a home garden. And just like gift wrap, complimentary-colored flats are available to envelop the pots, along with matching tags from MasterTag® to tempt the senses.

"My Basket of..." pots are simply irresistible to the shopper, and the perfect ingredients for an attention-grabbing display.

Smart Branding Distinguishes

Make "My Basket of..." pots your own by customizing the design. Pick new colors for the bands at the top of the pot. Change the words in the color bands to better describe your unique product. Insert a written explanation of your product on the back of the pot. You can even add a unique UPC and incorporate "grown by" info or your logo.

Smart Purchases Save

Do you need a trunk-load or a full truck? We don't deal in minimums or maximums. Whether it's a single case, 10 cases or 10,000 cases, order just the number you need. With a ready inventory of all sizes of "My Basket of..." pots, we can fill any size order quickly and efficiently.

Smart Decision

Pull your numbers together, and then dial ours — 1.800.814.3496. (Or contact your distributor.)

Not a customer of Summit Plastic? No problem. A credit card is all it takes to begin creating a "My Basket of..." success!

It's a Smart Move! A Fresh Approach!